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Uncommon Model 55 Golf Ball- Dozen

Uncommon Model 55 Golf Ball- Dozen

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Model 55 was designed for the committed player who expects their ball to perform every round whether it’s a sectional qualifier or a weekend skins game. Model 55 accelerates off the clubface to maximize distance while its soft feel allows you to score when a wedge is in hand. If you’re dead set on playing your way, Model 55 will quickly become your go-to ball.


  • Mid-High compression ball to maximize distance and accuracy for the committed player
  • Increased ball flight control with irons
  • Soft feel for scoring 100 yards and in
  • Dead Aim Alignment so you never have to draw another line on your ball again
  • Increased workability for shot shaping 

Technical Breakdown

  • Four-Piece Construction: Provides stability in flight 
  • New Cast Urethane Cover for 2022: Enhanced green side feel and increased durability 
  • Mid Compression: Less spin off the tee
  • 332 Circle Dimple pattern: Optimized aerodynamics 
  • Conforms to the Rules of Golf


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